Tutoring Rates

We are committed to keeping our service accessible and flexible. As a result, we utilize a dynamic pricing model that accommodates all financial circumstances. Our rates are fixed at $40/hour, with financial aid accommodations available through our financial aid managers. To discuss financial aid accommodations, please follow the link below to our financial aid planning page. 




Pay as you go. Whenever and Wherever.


(Recommended) course durations:

While our service is 100% pay-as-you-go and contract free, we recommend a few course durations:

10 hours

A 10-hour course is a fast-paced, efficient tutoring program typically running 6-7 weeks long, and providing your student with the essential tools for his or her test. Perfect for SAT II subject tests and individual SAT/ACT sections. 

20 hours

A 20-hour course balances speed and thoroughness, covering in detail all the necessary aspects of the subject material without sacrificing efficiency or pace. Best suited for SAT/ACT, SAT II, AP, and ISEE. 

30 hours

A 30-hour course provides a fully comprehensive, in-depth review of the subject material, giving your student all the skills and confidence her or she will need to succeed. Perfect for SAT/ACT, IB, and school specific subjects.