Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


The Bottom Line

Some families can afford to spend thousands of dollars on expensive tutors for their kids. Most can't. But why should kids suffer? We founded CEC to address this unfairness and to level the playing field for students and families. Our solution is simple: hire better tutors from the top scoring percentiles among test takers, teach them how to teach through a comprehensive tutor development program, and eliminate all the excess in between that fuels the bloated tutoring industry. The result is flexible, accessible, private 1 on 1 online tutoring with the world's most equipped tutors, all at the full-time rate of $40 an hour and with need-based financial aid for qualifying households.

Mission Statement

Cambridge Education Consultants is a premier tutoring group committed to providing high quality tutoring in a variety of subjects at affordable rates. Founded by five Harvard students who have recently been through the rapidly changing college application process, CEC is uniquely positioned to provide affordable, flexible, and admissions-conscious tutoring to today's high school students. We’re eager to help guide students through this journey by giving them the skills and confidence to excel on the myriad tests and academic hurdles they will face.

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Will McConnell
Managing Partner, Co-founder