Why CEC?


I remember how difficult the college application process was. I took more standardized tests than I care to remember and drafted, edited and revised to many essays to count, and fretted constantly about whether I was doing enough, all while juggling all my school and extracurricular responsibilities. About a month in, I realized I needed help -- and so, like many students today do, I looked into getting a tutor. 

Within an hour of researching I was more stressed out than I was when I first logged on. I was faced with countless tutoring agencies advertising their elite tutors, offering special deals, and claiming they would increase my score by hundreds of points. Amidst the deluge of information and advertising, I also discovered what a good tutor -- somebody with elite credentials, training, and high test scores to prove that they actually knew the material --  would cost me: upwards of $150 an hour. 


Today, getting what seems like an elite tutor often costs thousands of dollars and often requires purchasing an expensive package up front. But why? While doing research several months ago, I discovered the actual tutors are usually paid just a fraction of your money, often less than 20 percent of what you’re paying! (Look this up if you’re interested), meaning that at 80 percent of what you’re paying for is not going directly towards your student. It also means that you are settling for an under qualified tutor. Indeed, tutoring companies often advertise that all tutors score in the “90th percentile” on the SAT. Yet to score in the 90th percentile on the SAT, an individual can get wrong an average of 38 questions on the 154 question test. These tutors missed an entire quarter of a test, yet are being hired with little training to teach the material.

We founded CEC with the vision of eliminating the absurd excess in the industry. Our tutoring budget represents more than 75% of our operating costs, and will increase as we scale. This means that your money is in essence four times as effective as it would be at other companies. Our tutors are elite, selected from only America's top universities, screened by a minimal score in the 99th percentile on the test they are tutoring, trained by an in-house tutoring course, and equipped with plenty of hands-on experience. 

If all this sounds pretty good, try it out with our free  hour long consultation by signing up on our front page (here), or booking a tutor here!