College counseling

College Counseling at CEC


CEC Standard: $680

Our standard package offers a full year of counseling, and is designed for your typical rising senior as they approach their application season. 

CEC Gold: $1250

Our gold package offers unlimited access to our counselors for the duration of your student's high school career. Expect your student to form a lasting relationship with your counselor, who will guide your student through every step of their college process. 

Early Bird Package: $225

Our early bird package is designed for underclassmen looking to get ahead on their application. Lasting just 3 months, our early bird program will efficiently position your student to successfully build a strong application later on. 

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CEC offers three college counseling packages catered towards your student's needs. As with our tutors, CEC college counselors are drawn from the U.S.'s top talent pools, are rigorously trained, and are given access to a comprehensive database of proprietary educational materials. By eliminating fluff at our corporate levels, we are able to offer each of these three packages at three affordable rates. Regardless of the package you choose, your student will benefit from:

Essay Mentorship

We call it mentorship, not review, for a reason. Our counselors will take a hands on approach to your student's essay writing process from the very start. Rather than "reviewing essays," after the majority of the writing process has been left in the student's hands, as is common among many of our competitors, your student will have extensive access to an essay mentor at every step along the way. 

Interview prep

Interviews are stressful, but they don't have to be. Our counselors will first take your student through our interview preparation package in advance of interview season, and then work with your student to prepare for specific interviews as they come. 

Class planning

Your grades are a core of your application, so planning your student's schedule thoughtfully is essential. With a team of tutors in touch with today's AP curricula, our counselors will help your student leverage his or her strengths into a rigorous yet manageable schedule, putting your student well on the way towards building an impressive transcript.

Extracurricular mentorship

Our counselors will help your student build an extracurricular resume that will work both for them and colleges. You can put to rest doubts about whether or not your student is "doing enough," and be confident that they are doing everything extracurricular-wise they need to and nothing more. 

ComMon Application advising

From deadline road-mapping, to formatting the activities section, to site navigation help, our counselors will help your student optimize his or her application, and eliminate anxiety over the dreaded "Common App."

College list planning

Did you know that UPenn has an Early Decision acceptance rate of 22%, more than twice as high as its regular admissions rate? Or that numerous schools offer Early Decision II, giving your student another opportunity to maximize his or her admissions odds? Or that Colby College, the 12th best liberal arts college according to popular college ranking publications, requires no supplement nor an application fee? Building an application list wisely is crucial to maximizing your student's admissions prospects, and it can save you from overextending yourself and burning out in December.