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Education is more than standardized tests. 


Educating in all disciplines: CEC tutors offer world class, specialized assistance in any subject in which your student is struggling. Thanks to our extensive tutoring network, we have access to tutors of all specialties. Regardless of the subject or level, CEC will match your student with a tutor best suited to his or her particular educational needs. 


What we do: Enjoy the flexibility of a-la-carte tutoring, allowing your student to receive specialized help as he or she needs it. 


Grade boost: It's no secret that grades hold a privileged role in the college application. Grades gives colleges the best sense of how their applicant will fare academically, and colleges value them accordingly. Our tutors can help your student overcome conceptual blocks, fine tune essays, and work through difficult homework assignments, leading to measurable improvements in academic performance. 


All ages. All subjects. CEC has you covered.
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