Taking the stress out of standardized testing.


World class tutors: With trained tutors all in the 99.7th percentile of test takers, your student will learn from tutors who understand first and secondhand how to navigate these difficult tests. Tutors are selected from a competitive pool of applicants, and we take into account test scores, prior test prep experience, and prior tutoring experience. Our in-house tutoring training course requires more than 8 hours of active learning, and we perform regular performance reviews on all tutors.

More than just practice tests:  A good tutor doesn't waste time watching students take practice tests. CEC guarantees that all paid tutoring sessions will be spent doing what CEC does best — teaching.  Tutors will assign test sections and custom assignments for homework, prepare a lesson plan beforehand, and discuss select teaching points in depth in every lesson. Tutors are also expected to generate bimonthly summaries of key teaching points for your students. 


What we do: From the full ACT to SAT college exams, we offer tutoring on both tests, along with select SAT subject tests (please ask for availability). Our recommended course durations last between 10 and 30 hours, depending on your student's needs. 


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