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Bringing years of expertise in college entrance examinations and high school curriculums. 

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With trained tutors all in the 99th percentile of test takers, your student will learn from tutors who understand first and secondhand...

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AP Prep

Struggling to find a tutor with knowledge in all your student's AP classes? CEC utilizes a vast network of tutors with extensive AP experience...

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 College Counseling

Help get your student into the college of their dreams. We'll aid your student in every step of the process, from making an optimized college list to writing essays to nailing interviews...

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Other Services

School can be challenge on its own. CEC tutors offer world class, specialized assistance in any subject your student is struggling in. Regardless of the age, regardless of the subject...

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Why CEC?

Some families can afford to throw thousands of dollars at expensive tutors for their kids. Most can't. But why should kids suffer? We founded CEC to address this unfairness and to level the playing field for students and families. Our solution is simple: hire better tutors from the top scoring percentiles among test takers, teach them how to teach through a comprehensive tutor development program, and eliminate all the excess in between that fuels the bloated tutoring industry. The result is flexible, accessible, private 1 on 1 online tutoring with the world's most equipped tutors, all at the full-time rate of $40 an hour and with need-based financial aid for qualifying households. Learn more below...


Online Tutoring

The Future of Specialized Education

Our Philosophy

While traditional in-person tutoring has its perks, we firmly believe that utilizing online tutoring is the most efficient way to bring high quality and accessible tutoring to our clients. With real time face-to-face video call functionality built into todays laptops and smartphones, getting the help your student needs is as easy as pressing a button. Since every student learns best differently, we encourage you to try our free consultation and let your student decide for him or herself if the online formate suits his or her needs. 



The Facts


Zero Travel Costs

Our tutors can tutor right out of their dorms, allowing us to keep their compensation – and your rates – affordable. Better yet, scheduling with online tutoring is significantly easier when travel time doesn't need to be negotiated. Ultimately, your student's learning benefits most from the efficiency of online tutoring. 

The Stats



of in person tutoring costs are due to the opportunity cost of to and from transit


Global Talent

Let's face it - your local tutor won't cut in today's competitive college admissions environment. Our online tutoring method gives us access to a global talent pool, allowing us to select only the best applicants to build our tutoring team.CEC's tutors are handpicked from the U.S.'s top universities, including Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth and Brown.


of CEC tutors attended or are attending an Ivy League University


Cutting Edge technology

Online tutoring resources have grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. With interactive whiteboard software, latency free video communication, and a wealth of study materials, CEC tutors are equipped with all the essential teaching tools. All our tutors additionally have web access to our comprehensive teaching resources database. 


The size of the U.S. online tutoring industry, driven largely by the emergence of virtual learning tools, and growing at an exponential 14% compound annual growth rate